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Born and raise between Indianapolis and Atlanta, Share combines innate southern charm with hard work and dedication. She prides herself on genuine service and advancing the most successful outcomes for each of her clients. Watching her mother, a real estate broker for over 40 years excel in the real estate field ignited a passion that has turned her 20 plus years of entrepreneurship into several creative outlets.  Her innovative mind have pushed her through a career as an interior designer to celebrity clientèle, a blogger, as well as an award winning innovator of LA's art industry. 

With her background in real estate investment properties, Share has amassed a keen understanding of the buying and selling model through acquiring and vending various rental properties across the country. Her understanding and experience of being on both ends of this process have given her the advantage of the insight and foresight needed to navigate the market.

Share Allen Atlanta Realtor
Share Allen Atlanta Realtor
Share Allen Atlanta Realtor





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