Last week I decided I needed to stop playing about going back to my healthy lifestyle.With this new lifestyle I have to start with eating cleaner and getting some type of exercise 1 hour a day at least 4-5 times a week. With this we all know eating healthy is all about planning.So I decided to prepare 6 meals for the week.

This is what I prepared

Dirty Rice with Ground Turkey

Roasted Carrot Fries 


Sautéed Swiss Chard & Kale

I gathered all of my ingredients, Fresh veggies and herbs is always a better choice when available

I placed the onions, peppers and garlic in a pan with coconut  oil and cooked for 5-7 min.Then I added the ground turkey and cooked this until the turkey was fully cooked.Then I drained the oil (which there was nearly none) then I seasoned the meat with fresh cracked black pepper and sea salt.

While cooking the meat mixture, I started cooking the rice. I cooked the rice according to the directions. I purchased this wild rice mixture but you can use any kind of rice you like. Went in for brown rice but this looked tastier.After the rice was fully cooked I added it to the meat mixture, then added the fresh parsley.

For the Roasted Carrot Fries, you start with 12 oz of carrots. Peel and cut the carrots up with a knife or if you happen to have a crinkle cut knife use it to cut your carrots like fries.

Place them on a baking sheet (I lined with foil) and toss in coconut oil, shallots and garlic.

Roast for 45 min until tender

For the Swiss chard and kale I sautéed in a pan with coconut oil until tender.

What I really liked about these 2 greens is that they both cooked down really fast (about 5-8 min)

So I bought these containers at the $.99 store and didn’t realize they had two compartments, but at 2 for $1

I guess I would have gotten these anyway.I separated each container using 1 cup of rice, about 10 carrots, and 1/2 of greens

Ingredient Used

Dirty Rice

1 pound ground Turkey

1/2 Red Pepper

1/2 Yellow Pepper

1 Med Onion

2 tsp Garlic

2 tbs Coconut Oil

1 C Cooked Rice

1/4 C Fresh Parsley

Fresh Cracked black pepper

Sea Salt Seasoning of your choice

Roasted Carrot Fries

12 oz Carrots

2 small Shallots

1 tsp Garlic

2 tsp Coconut Oil

Sauteed Greens

Red Swiss Chard

Lacinato Kale

1 tsp Cocnut Oil

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